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Olicity is ruining my life

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"Olicity is not a healthy ship. The way Oliver treats Felicity is not romantic or sweet – it’s condescending. Their whole relationship is a manifestation of outdated, patriarchal attitudes. He is the Mighty Protector. She is the Helpless Damsel. They do not meet as equals because Oliver puts himself above her, assuming the role of guardian rather than friend or companion.”

Let me just tell you what I think about this

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I hate that school is approaching but I’m so excited about October that I really couldn’t care less.


Im currently re-watching season 2 with my cousin and every olicity scene im just like “HE WAS IN LOVE WITH HER HERE” and my cousin is just like eyeing me like i need help which i do but wtv EVERYTHING IS OLICITY AND NOTHING HURTS

I know Stephen will never say whether he favors a pairing over another (even though he's not very subtle, like, we all know. Lol) but he did sort of alienate a little bit when he said O/L and O/S won't "ever be together-together again." Do you think he was just emphasizing that it really is Felicity right now? Because the fact that he refuses to go on record about who he wants to be together, I took it as a fact that he talked with the writers over rather than opinion. (:


Fair point Anon. That interview shocked me and I am not easily shocked when actors talk about their TV shows. Normally they have approved “talking points” and they churn those bad boys out interview after interview. That’s why Comic Con was so AMAZING! And shocking. The talking points. I know the entire Olicity fandom was asking, “Did that actually happen?” 


On closer examination, you are 100% right. In the specific interview you are referencing, Stephen’s not giving his opinion. He’s selling the show. I am totally gleeful right now because I use to be in marketing. So we are combining my two favorite things: marketing and TV.

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is arrow any good?? i’m thinking about watching it, but i’m not sure… i see a lot of olicity in my dash and people seem to love this show very much but idk it doesn’t look that appealing to me? but i want to watch it anyway…but i don’t…ugh hELP